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Trailer Ranch RV Resort is a small but very popular RV park in the heart of Santa Fe. We feel privileged to have remained an independent family-owned business for many years as the city has grown and changed around us. We take great pride in meticulously maintaining and managing the park in order to give our RV guests the best possible experience during their stay with us as well as enjoying our wonderful city. We pride ourselves on our customer service, but we know that we cannot please everyone, all the time. We find that providing our customers in advance with as much information about our park as possible truly goes a long way in managing expectations ahead of time. We hope this information is helpful to you if you are thinking of booking a future stay with us.

WHY DO YOU REQUIRE RV’S TO ARRIVE FOR CHECK-IN NO LATER THAN 5:30PM IN SUMMER MONTHS AND 4:30PM IN WINTER MONTHS? This is a policy that has been in place for over 50 years now. We are a small independently owned RV park which was built in the 1950’s so unfortunately our RV sites vary in size and configuration. Our knowledgeable staff works very hard to make sure that all RV’s are placed in the correct site based on their individual sizes and we provide parking guides to assist you into the site. Many customers comment that they also appreciate the fact that the RV’s are not driving around at all hours of the night. We have found that most of our guests enjoy walking around the park after 6pm to chat with their neighbors without having to dodge incoming RV’s trying to park. We understand if this does not work for your schedule, we can always recommend nearby RV parks that do allow you to self-park after hours.

NEW TO YOUR RV? If you are new to RV’ing then welcome NEWBIE! While our staff is here to help guide and assist you into your site, they are not prepared to show you how to use your RV. Just because we work in an RV park does not make us experts on all RV’s. Many RV’s have unique features so it is important for you to have a good working knowledge of how your own RIG works. Also, no two RV parks are the same so always be prepared for every changing water, sewer, and electric hookup locations. To best prepare for various situations, carry extra extensions for your electric cord, water & sewer hoses as we are not able to provide you with loaners.

WHY DON’T YOU ALLOW TENT CAMPING OR CAR CAMPING? We are an urban Recreational Vehicle (RV) park with full hook up sites not intended for tent camping or car camping. The definition of a licensed RV is a motor vehicle or trailer designed with specific living quarter accommodations. Types of licensed RV’s include motorhomes, campervans, travel trailers, camp trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers and truck campers (not camper shells). Cars, passenger vans and camper shells are not licensed RV vehicles and therefore not allowed for overnight use with us.

WHY CAN’T I BOOK A SPECIFIC SITE? We try to accommodate guest requests; however, because every site at Trailer Ranch is different and we must book the sites according to what size of RV will fit in them, we simply cannot guarantee a specific site. We have a limited number of sites to fit each rig type. We have a longstanding policy that we will not give out a site number at the time of your reservation because many different circumstances may occur prior to your arrival that may cause us to move you to a different site.

HOW FAR IS THE DOWNTOWN HISTORIC AREA? The Trailer Ranch is the closed RV park to the downtown historic area which is approximately 4.5 miles way so it is best to expect to drive or take the public transportation to this area. Upon checking in, we will provide you with full tourist information on things to see and do in the downtown area as well as surrounding areas.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE A CAR….IS THERE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION/UBER/CAR RENTAL SERVICES? We have a city bus stop immediately in front of our park that takes you to the downtown historic area for only $2 per day. We also have UBER as well as LYFT here in Santa Fe. Enterprise car rental is just down the street from our park and they will come pick you up.

DO YOU SELL RV SUPPLIES/GROCERIES? No we do not sell RV supplies because we are located very close to a Walmart store that usually stocks most everyday RV items. We are also located very close to grocery stores and pharmacies.

WHY AREN’T ALL YOUR ELECTRIC, SEWER AND WATER HOOKUPS LOCATED IN THE SAME SPOT AT EVERY RV SITE? Since this park was built in the 50’s, nothing was built in any uniform manner. All our sites are unique and while we continue to make upgrades when possible, always be sure you have extra sewer hose, extra water hose and electric cord extensions to accommodate any hookup situation. Also remember to bring your own RV tools and ladders as RV parks are not usually able to loan out these items for liability reasons.

WHY CAN’T OUR DOGS WALK ON/GO TO THE BATHROOM ON THE GRASSY AREAS? We truly love our own four-legged children and would love to have grass just for them but the only type of grass that grows in our dry, high altitude climate is simply not tolerant to pet urine at all. Santa Fe has very strict water restrictions which simply would not allow us to enough water to replant grass if it should die. We are THE ONLY RV Park in Santa Fe with mature, green landscaping. We work hard to maintain our precious green grass so that it can be enjoyed by every guest rather than solely used as a bathroom for the dogs. We provide several pet areas for your wonderful four-legged visitors. We even have a half-acre, fully contained dog park for your dog to be off leash.

WHAT ABOUT THE TRAFFIC NOISE? Most RV parks around the country are located off busy roads or Highways for ease of access. We are an URBAN Park which makes the location excellent for sightseeing, shopping, and public transportation; however, we are located off one of the main access roads that runs through the entire city and is used primarily by local traffic especially during “rush hour”. We are located behind a high adobe wall and we have been described by many of our guests as an Oasis in the middle of the city; however, the hum from the road does vary depending on site location and time of day or night.

SHOULD I TRUST GPS AS THE BEST WAY TO GET TO YOUR PARK? The answer is NO! Most GPS systems think you are traveling in a car and not in a LARGE RV; therefore, the GPS route may take you through much more congested narrow streets that are very difficult to maneuver. For example, many people have told us their GPS said they would have to make a U-Turn to access our park which it COMPLETELY FALSE because we have large, designated turn lanes into our park from either direction. For the easiest directions go to our home page and click on the “Locate Us” tab.

CAN YOU GUARANTEE SATELLITE RECEPTION IN MY SITE? Part of the reason guests love to stay at our park is because of the mature landscaping which includes some large shade trees towards the back of many sites. We cannot always guarantee you will get satellite reception because of the trees as well as the location of your satellite dish on your RV.

DO YOU PROVIDE CABLE TV? We do not provide cable; however, you will be able to receive many good quality HD channels over the air by using your RV antenna, including the local stations.

HOW GOOD IS YOUR WIFI? Our FREE wireless internet service is intended to help keep our guests stay connected with friends and family as they travel. It is not available for streaming movies, downloading music or running a business. You will need to use your own cellular hotspot for streaming of any kind. There are so many factors that go into making Wi-Fi work in an RV park where the environment is constantly changing. There is no such thing as perfect Wi-Fi because it is an ongoing struggle to maintain both consistency and high speed when each customer trying to use it all have different hardware as well as multiple devices. Wi-Fi was designed to operate within 300 ft of a Wi-Fi tower as long as there is a perfect line of sight, i.e.: no trees, no noise, and no interference. That interference includes cell phones, microwaves, satellite dishes and other surrounding computers competing for the space on the same Wi-Fi tower. Most customers arrive at an RV park with at least 4 devices that they immediately try to log onto the Wi-Fi and if they never log them off then they are still taking up bandwidth even when they are not using their device(s). We purchase our bandwidth from a local provider and every year we try to increase it; however, bandwidth is not dedicated just to us – it is shared with all the other customers who have purchased it in the city. We are truly limited by the technology and coverage that is allocated to our widespread, sparsely populated state. Large companies don’t generate enough revenue from our state’s smaller population and therefore don’t investment in a high level of equipment. It’s an unfortunate circumstance of being in the “Wild West” and we truly thank you for your patience.

WHY IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? The Trailer Ranch community consists of the RV Park in the front section and a splendid 55+ Mobile Home Park in the back section of the property. Therefore, the senior housing exemption dictates everyone living in the Mobile Home Park must be 55+ years old and anyone staying in the RV Park must be legal adult age of 21.

HOW FAR IS THE MEOW WOLF MUSEUM? Meow Wolf is only about a mile from our park, and you can easily walk there or drive.